Welcome to the website of North Carolina Central University Track and Field Alumni Committee. Formed in 2014, our purpose is 3 fold

1) To support the student athletes and the Track and Field Program at North Carolina Central University.

2) To uphold the legacy of program founder and architect, Dr. LeRoy T. Walker. North Carolina Central University Track and Field Head Coach for 30 years, First African  American Head Coach of a U.S. Olympic Team, First African American Chairman of the United States Olympic Committee, North Carolina Central University Chancellor, and Chancellor Emeritus, amongst many other prestigious titles.

 To preserve the past glorious accomplishments of the great athletes of the past and transfer their legacy to the present student athletes. AS WE EXPECT THEM TO BE ROLE MODELS TO STUDENTS THAT LOOK UP TO THEM, AND COME AFTER THEM,  BY GIVING BACK TO THE PROGRAM AS DEDICATED FINANCIAL DONORS AND RESOURCE SUPPORTERS.
To that end we are committed to continue the following:
1) An annual banquet to honor the program by giving credence to its stars, and as former leaders, give back to the student athlete who wants to follow in your footsteps.
2) A Track and Field monument honoring this program, it's heroes, and a beacon for future recruiting, to be erected on campus.
3) Continue funding ourTrack and Field endowed scholarship to give perpetuity giving to our program.
4) T.R.A.I.L (Track Related Alumni Impact Lives). Each Alumni member, Family or Friend gives $500 per year either in lump sum or 2 payments of $250.00 to the program to grant a full $25,000 for the program to recruit a star athlete.
5) Compile complete, accurate, comprehensive Track and Field records for Outdoor, Indoor Track and Field and Cross Country for display.
6) A historical,informational, interactive website for all people to see and interact.